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Latest Updates

Immunisations: shingles vaccination – a success story

These are encouraging results and we should be promoting this to our patients.
However, with the way the vaccination programme is being rolled out, it can be confusing to know who is eligible...

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Alternatives to HRT?

Alternatives to HRT include non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatments.

  • Complementary and alternative medicines, including herbal preparations,...
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Myeloma: the cancer that has the longest interval between first presentation of symptoms and diagnosis!

Myeloma is rare, and early diagnosis improves survival. But, it is a difficult one for us to spot. Of all cancers, myeloma has:

•    The longest interval between first presentation...

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Smoking cessation: is vaping safe?

  • Vaping is thought to be associated with a fraction of the risks of smoking:
    - Vaping is estimated to be 95% less harmful than smoking.
    - The risk to bystanders...
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Infection can occur by ingestion of oocysts from faecally-contaminated water, person-to-person transmission or animal-to-person transmission. So, risk factors include: drinking contaminated water;...

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Varicella zoster and ibuprofen

There is 5-fold increased risk of invasive skin conditions with NSAID use, though the absolute risk of severe skin infection is low (about 3/1000 cases). These and other studies can only demonstrate...

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Gestational diabetes diagnostic criteria – NICE and now SIGN criteria are new … and are different!

NICE 2015 and SIGN 2017 criteria for diagnosis of gestational diabetes after a 75g glucose load:

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