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Latest Updates

Progesterone-only contraception and VTE risk

Current VTE (on anticoagulation) is UKMEC 2 for all progesterone-only contraception (benefits usually outweigh risks).

Note, however, that for high...

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Promoting folic acid pre-conceptually

Are we using all the opportunities we have to promote folic acid pre-conceptually? Remember also that some groups need to take 5mg folic acid daily which needs to be prescribed.

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Changing the world… one conversation at a time

Regular one-to-ones with those we manage should be a priority. We are also likely to have appraisals with our teams. Have appraisals become formulaic and routine - a one-yearly pointless ritual?...

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Detection of brain tumours in children

A BMJ article reminds us how presentation can be quite varied depending on the age of the child and location of the tumour. Also, that none of the red flag symptoms are highly specific. The most...

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Understanding contraceptive failure rates

For user-dependent methods, 'typical use' failure rates (reflecting imperfect real-life use) can be quite different from 'perfect use' failure rates. Non-user-dependent methods and LARCs have similar typical user and...

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Breast infections

How should we manage breast infections in non-lactating women? How do we differentiate inflammatory breast cancer from mastitis? These questions were addressed in an article in the BMJ '10-minute...

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Renal colic - are you managing it correctly?

An RCT written up in the Lancet in 2016 confirms that NSAIDs are the first line treatment for renal colic in the absence of renal disease. Are you managing renal colic with NSAIDs? Are you...

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