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Social Enterprise

Primary Care International (PCI) is a social enterprise launched by Red Whale to help healthcare providers to combat the growing threat of NCDs worldwide by delivering evidence-based training and strategic support across a range of settings worldwide.

"This workshop was
 the best workshop that I have ever participated in. It gives me knowledge and skills to manage patients with chronic disease. (Nurse, Somaliland)"
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<h3><span class="red">Primary Care International - <em>Red Whale’s social enterprise</em></span></h3>

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<strong>Primary Care International (PCI)</strong> is a social enterprise launched by Red Whale | GP Update to expand its work internationally, in both high-income and low-income settings.</p>

<p>In high-income settings, we deliver Red Whale style courses to new audiences internationally. We adapt and tailor GP Update learning materials to new settings and offer online products to promote ongoing learning and revalidation. We have partnerships in Scandinavia and Australia.</p>

<p>This work supports our growing portfolio of projects in low-income settings, where many healthcare systems are over-stretched and acutely under-resourced.</p>

<p>Every year, 38 million people die from non-communicable diseases (NCDs).. Most of these are in low- and middle-income countries.</p>

<p>In such settings, we aim to support healthcare providers to combat the growing threat of NCDs by delivering evidence-based training and strategic health systems support. This challenge calls for an innovative approach. But innovation is not just about new drug treatments and new technology. It is also about achieving prevention, early diagnosis without expensive referral, and long-term access to affordable treatment.</p>

<p>So far we have trained clinicians in three languages and several countries across Africa and the Middle East, in some of the harshest and poorest conditions that exist. We have also developed NCD guidelines for the care of refugees globally, using only WHO essential medicines.</p>

<p>To read more about PCI’s work, to commission Red Whale services overseas, or to get involved in our projects, please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>

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