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Locum Essentials Guide

A joint venture between MyLocumManager and Red Whale, for all locums and would-be locums

"Great to see inclusions of bits for locums"
Are you a locum? Are you about to become a locum? Perhaps you are thinking about this as a career option, either short or long term? We know many of you are locums or are entertaining the idea of becoming locums, perhaps after a salaried career or a baby, or even after training.
This can be a scary move. You have to think about the financial aspects: invoicing, pension, tax, expenses. Then there are the challenges of clinical management, and the difficulties in meeting all the requirements for revalidation when you are not practice based. We may have just what you need!
We have produced the Locum Essentials Guide, a joint venture between MyLocumManager and Red Whale. As well as the financial side of things, the guide looks at getting started as a locum: essential paperwork, preparing your doctor’s bag, key points for finding locum work, locum pay structure.
To help a little, we also included an easily accessible set of up-to-date, clinical articles on major emergencies: sepsis, feverish illness in children, acute severe asthma, anaphylaxis and oxygen use in a medical emergency. This might also give you some ideas to help with revalidation.
Whether you are an old hand or just thinking about working as a locum, we are sure you will find something useful in our guide.