www.GPCPD.com is the home of all the Red Whale online handbooks for GPs and Registrars. It gives you online access to the latest printed GP Update Handbook, PLUS plus additional online-only material – 500 articles, revised and updated twice a year as needed. All the articles are individually indexed and summarised so they’re really easy to reference in consultations.

All our specialist online handbooks - such as Women’s Health, Cancer, MSK and Pain Management, and Lead. Manage. Thrive!, are also available on www.GPCPD.com and can be accessed by attending the relevant courses, or by paying a small upgrade fee to your main subscription.

In addition, we've got specialist CPD sites with dedicated online handbooks for Primary Care Nurses (www.GPN-CPD.com), and Pharmacists (www.pharmacist-CPD.com).

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