Webinars and Online Courses

Will I have the course available to watch on the day I should have attended the face to face course as I have booked a study day?

Yes. All of our online courses are now available to watch on demand. You will receive an email on how to access the online course you've been booked onto in place of the face to face course.


How can I access GP Update Extra if I have been transferred from a face-to-face course to an online course?

You will be able to access 'GP Update Extra' using the unique code that is printed in the inside front cover of your GP Update Handbook that you will have received in the post.. Here's what to do with your code:

1. Visit www.gp-update.co.uk/extra and add ‘GP Update Extra’ to your basket.

2. Go through the checkout process (you must log in or create an account to do this).

3. When you reach ‘Review your order’, enter your unique voucher code in the ‘Apply voucher code’ box.

4. You will then be able to checkout with the 'GP Update Extra' product free of charge.

Once you've been through the checkout process for GP Update Extra, it will appear in your account ('My Red Whale'), together with any other webinars and online courses you have purchased. You can access your account from any page of the website by clicking on the ‘My Red Whale’ button. You can watch GP Update Extra whenever you like and as many times as you like for up to 12 months. Your GP Update Extra code is valid for 12 months from the date of your course.

When will I receive the handbook if I order the online course with handbook?

We will process the orders daily and send them out first class. If your order is placed before 3pm you should receive the book within a couple of days. 

I have received a receipt for the online course. Do I need to pay?

No, the receipt you received is to advise you that we have now transferred you to the online course. The value of the course is reported on the receipt, but you won’t have to make any further payments.

The webinar/online course keeps cutting off, what can I do?

This may be because of the strength of your bandwidth connection. There is a connection indicator on the media player, and if you notice the indicator turn yellow or red, please try refreshing the page to see if this helps you get a better connection.

We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 1.5Mbps.

What is a webinar/online console?

After you have purchased a webinar or online course, you will be able to access it via your Red Whale account. Once you have clicked ‘Watch now’ on the webinar/online course panel, you will be taken to the webinar or online course console. This includes the video stream, resources to download, speaker bios and our feedback survey. You’ll also be able to ask questions via the console too. 

Do you offer any discounts if I book more than one online course?

We offer a Red Whale pod discount of £70 for 3 online course orders purchased at the same time. The discount is only available for Online Course + Printed Handbook orders (priced at £225). Please use discount code 3BUNDLE2020 when booking via www.gp-update.co.uk or by phone 03330 093 090. Each online course will be available to watch on demand for 12 months from the date of purchase.

I attended a GP Update course in 2019, can I get access to GP Update Extra?

GP Update Extra is now available to purchase here for £155 and includes 12 months access to GPCPD.com.

I have purchased an online course with GPCPD.com access. How to I activate my GPCPD.com account?

When you make an online course booking, we send you an email titled ‘Your online order – how to access your resources’. In this email, you will find your unique GPCPD.com activation code. You only need to use your activation code once - just go to the login panel at https://gpcpd.com/login_register, and copy and paste the code in the appropriate field. Do not try to enter your email address at this stage.

After using your code, you will be asked to register your email and a password of your choice, which you can use to log on to the site thereafter. To add an activation code to an existing account please log in to www.gpcpd.com, and go to: My Account, Manage Your Membership and add the code into the Top Up section. This will update your membership accordingly.

You may find it helpful to watch our step-by-step videos on how to activate or renew your GPCPD account. View our videos here.

Can I suggest a topic for a webinar/online course?

Yes, we welcome all feedback including topic suggestions. Please add your suggestion to the feedback survey, which can be found on the webinar or online course console.

The audio and video are out of sync on the webinar/online course. What can I do to solve this?

In many cases just hitting the refresh button will fix the issue. If that doesn't do the job then please try clearing your cache. Take a look at this link for instructions on how to clear your cache if you need some help https://on24-prod.mindtouch.us/Public/Clearing_Your_Cache

Can I watch the webinar/online course offline without an Internet connection?

No. You will need access to the Internet to watch a webinar or online course. Please note that they cannot be downloaded.

Do I need to use the same device every time to watch the webinar/online course?

You can use different devices. You just need to log in with the details you used to purchase the webinar/online course i.e your My Red Whale login details.

Can I ask a question while watching the webinar/online course?

Yes, there is a box for sending in your questions on the webinar/online course console underneath the video stream. Please send us any questions you have and we will try our best to answer as many questions as we can live on the night.

If you're watching the webinar/ online course on demand you can still send us your questions and we 'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Will I get a CPD certificate for watching the webinar/online course?

Yes, when you have watched a webinar you will be able to download your personalised CPD certificate by clicking on the little white and blue icon within the certificate panel on the console.

You will be able to download your CPD certificate from the Resources to download panel if you have purchased an online course.

I paused the webinar/online course and now I have been logged out of it due to inactivity. How can I access it again?

Log into your My Red Whale account, go to the webinar/online course you have purchased, and click 'Watch Now'. The webinar/online course system will log you out after 5 minutes of inactivity (i.e. pressing PAUSE), but it's quick and easy to get back to where you were via your My Red Whale page.

Once I've purchased and watched a webinar/online course, can I watch it again?

Yes, you will be able to watch any webinar or online course as many times as you like for up to a year after you bought it. Simply log into your My Red Whale account - https://www.gp-update.co.uk/register-login, go to the webinar/online course you bought, and click 'Watch Now'.

How many CPD credits are available for online courses?

Our online courses cover 6 hours of teaching which would be equivalent to 6 credits (The GP Update Online Course 2020 with printed handbook is equivalent to 12 credits as it includes GP Update Extra). Plus, we give you a 12 month subscription to gpcpd.com which has loads of further reading and activities which can add to much more than than 50 hours of CPD credits.

You will be able to download a CPD certificate on the online course console from the Resources to download panel.