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Let us help you convince your manager

You're keen to attend the course and want to convince your manager to fund you? We've drafted some text you might like to email them to support your case.

Dear [manager's name],

As my line manager/confirmer, I know you will be keen to support and encourage my development and are aware of my needs for NMC revalidation.

I would like to attend the new GPN (General Practice Nurse) Update Course from GP Update | Red Whale. Attending this one-day course gives me 6 of the 20 participatory hours of CPD I need for revalidation, and the extensive materials provided by Red Whale will allow me to engage in further independent learning to fully meet the NMC requirement.

Red Whale is one of the leading providers of primary care medical education in the UK with over 13,000 GPs attending courses each year. All their courses are evidence based, and the GPN course specifically incorporates primary care nursing research evidence, which translates to everyday clinical practice.

The GPN Update course meets nurses' specific continuing professional development needs. It is aimed at all members of the general practice nursing team (practice nurses, minor illness, nurse prescribers and advanced nurse practitioners too) and the learning tools are honed to the criteria of the NMC revalidation process as well as nurses' annual workplace appraisal.

Attending The GPN Update Course will give me the opportunity to:

  • Update with the latest evidence and guidance relevant to primary care, and to professional nursing practice in the context of revalidation
  • Gather useful, practical actions and ideas for clinical practice to boost our patient care, patient satisfaction, and cost-efficiency
  • Network and learn with other nurses from around the country to share ideas and best practice.
  • Update my competency and knowledge to better support the practice CQC requirements.
  • Specifically focus on proactive clinical management to reduce unscheduled care and admissions
  • Utilise a time efficient method to keep up to date with my CPD
  • Access free, secure, on-line CPD portfolio that supports the required NMC formats for revalidation


Finally, to put your mind at ease, this course is not a watered down version of GP Update. It utilises the same tried and tested evidence based format as GP Update, focussing on the topics most pertinent to primary care nursing and supported by materials that are 100% relevant to my NMC revalidation requirements.

Thank you for consideration of my request.