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The GPN (Nurse) Update Course

There are no dates scheduled for this course at present. However, if your CCG or Clinical Group would be interested to run a session in-house, we can arrange this on a date to suit you. Contact Us to discuss in more detail.

"Pharma sponsorship? No thanks!"

In the meantime, if you're looking for some educational and entertaining FREE learning resources, why not watch our series of diabetes webinars? They’re available on demand, so when you have an hour going spare, grab yourself a cup of tea and cosy up on the sofa with us!

Diabetes webcast 1: Prediabetes, screening and lifestyle intervention - watch now

Diabetes webcast 2: Beyond blood sugar – the real management of type 2 diabetes - watch now

Diabetes webcast 3: Glycemic control and the drugs - watch now

The Big Ask Diabetes Webinar - watch now

This one-day course offers a comprehensive update on the latest evidence, research and guidance in the management of both chronic and acute conditions. It includes great tips and tools for improving patients’ engagement with their long-term conditions, as well as ways to move things forward in your practice area.


We’ll cover how best to approach your CPD to meet the new NMC guidelines on Revalidation, and give you lots of ideas, practical guidance and reassurance about making CPD part of your everyday practice.

Prepared and delivered by our Nurse and GP team, the course offers tips to help you work effectively with your colleagues across the primary healthcare team.

You’ll come away with expertise and practical tools to share with your practice and to support patients in managing their health.

Delivered in a lecture based format, with plenty of time for interaction, humour and video clips, to keep you focused and awake.

On the day, registration starts at 9.00am and the course runs from 9.30 to 5.00pm.
The course fee includes refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch.

How can I get my manager to pay for it?

If you are keen to attend the course and want to convince your manager/practice to pay for it, we've drafted some text you might like to use in an email to support your case! Please click here.

Below is a fun video made by our presenting team to promote our GPN (Nurse) Update course.