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Working at Scale

There are no dates scheduled for this course at present. However, if your CCG or Clinical Group would be interested to run a session in-house, we can arrange this on a date to suit you. Contact Us to discuss in more detail.

"Pharma sponsorship? No thanks!"

Feeling the whole PCN thing is all sorted? No?

You’re not alone. You may have agreed who you’re going to be in a network with, but it’s now that the fun starts. PCNs are the biggest change in General Practice for a generation and there are still some big questions over how exactly they are going to work. You may also have some big questions your practices need to consider - How are you going to work together? Who is going to run the show? And how exactly is your practice going to benefit?

Our Working At Scale course is for you if you need to consider the following:

  • Do you have a vision for your PCN?
  • Are you having the difficult conversations that you really need to?
  • Have you addressed all the Elephants in the room?
  • Are you confident that the numbers are going to add up?

 If the answer is ‘NO’ to any of these questions then you need to address this urgently! This course will help ease your transition and prepare you for the changes ahead.

On the day, registration starts at 9.00am and the course runs from 9.30 to 5.00pm. The course fee includes refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch.


In the meantime, why not watch our one-hour webinar on Untangling Networks & the New Contract

A Primary Care Network masterclass! Ben Gowland, Rachel Morris and Riaz Jetha will discuss questions like: what are PCN’s? why do they matter? how do you set them up successfully and avoid pitfalls? and what does the future hold for networks in the light of the new NHS 5-year deal and other recent announcements?