We are currently not taking bookings for 2020 face-to-face Mental Health Update Course but you can watch it online! Click here to find out more.

Dealing with mental health in a short consultation window is really hard! This course will give you the tools and techniques to make a real difference.

What's it all about?
This course has been designed to give you a range of tools and skills you can use within a 10-minute consultation window, and to teach you how to adopt a structured approach to mental health appointments in every day practice.  

As you’d expect, you’ll also get 6 CPD credits for attending the course and a copy of the handbook to take home with you. There’s also 12 months FREE access to www.gpcpd.com. If you’ve not used it before it’s our online Handbook, in-consultation search engine and CPD tracker all rolled into one super useful resource.

What’s covered?

We’ll use real case studies to learn about:

  • The ‘mental health condition families’ -
    looking at them in a new way.
  • How to navigate different diagnostic options -
    and more importantly, how to explain these
    with a narrative that helps patients to get better.
  • Therapies and drug dilemmas: we'll cover
    everything from psychological and talking
    therapy, to drug-based treatments and
    self-care and promoting physical health.
  • Creating new narratives: for a range of
    mental health disorders we consider how
    could we describe it to help patients
    understand their experience? How does 
    someone with this condition think, feel
    and behave? For many patients, this is
    a key first step in management. 
  • Bread and butter conditions like depression
    and anxiety - focusing on practical skills we
    can use with patients, promoting self-care,
    great resources you can share and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Strategies for common challenges like repeat
    attenders and personality disorder.
  • ‘Microskills’ like behavioural activation, problem
    solving and self-compassion that you can start
    using with patients the next day!
  • The ‘risky’ stuff: risk assessment, mental
    health ‘emergencies’ and the impact
    of addiction.
  • Special groups including children and the perinatal period.
  • Well-being of health professionals and how we can look after ourselves.
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