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The Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course

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The Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course
Wednesday 27 November 2019

The Red Whale Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course

Sometimes it feels like the thriving GP is an endangered species – demands on limited time and resources have never been higher.

Our practices run in ever more complex ways and our teams extend beyond the practice walls. We are scrutinised and inspected and expected to be accountable. Often we get that instinctive feeling that there must be a better way to do things but creating the space to make it happen can be difficult.

There are many resources out there; but search for “management and leadership” on Amazon and you will be hit by over 100,000 titles! Which ones are worth reading and which ones aren’t? Which ones apply to the unique quirks of General Practice? Which ones give us practical tips we can implement from tomorrow to improve our personal and practice effectiveness?

As usual Red Whale has done all the legwork to bring you a concise, practical and actionable course and handbook. Not only have we trawled through lots of relevant management, leadership and development literature, but we have also distilled its content through the lens of real GPs, enabling you to apply it to the reality of your practice. Delivered in a lecture based format, with plenty of time for interaction and humour to keep you focused and awake.

On the day, registration starts at 9.00am and the course runs from 9.30 to 5.00pm. The course fee includes refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch.







New! Ockham Healthcare Podcast - GP burn-out, stress and resilience

In this podcast, Rachel Morris, Red Whale course director and presenter, looks at GP resilience; what it is and how can you acquire it. She considers the causes of stress and burnout and points to a range of useful resources GPs can use to develop their personal resilience.

Ockham Healthcare Podcast - Developing GP Leaders

Our very own author, presenter and course director, Rachel Morris, talks to Ben from Ockham Healthcare about the need for leadership skills training and resilience tactics for General Practice.

She gives us the lowdown on what benefits delegates can expect to gain from the Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course and how the current climate has inspired her to develop and champion the brand new Working at Scale Course.